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Inquiry into policies and practises of Adoption Act 1955

The New Zealand Adoption Act 1955 is an outdated piece of legislation that no longer reflects the needs of children requiring care outside their family. To date the New Zealand government through its Minister for Justice has consistently ignored requests and cries for it to reform this archaic legislation. There have been various parties lobbying for change, dating back to 1979; and in recent times, the request for an Inquiry to look into the way this legislation has impacted the families of those it was directed at, and how it still impacts the lives of those involved.
We, the undersigned, call upon the government of New Zealand to immediately call an Inquiry similar to that which was enacted in Australia and use this Inquiry to overhaul and reform this outdated law.

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  • Minister for Justice, Hon. Judith Collins
    New Zealand Government
  • Minister for Social Development
    Hon Paula Bennett
  • MP
    Kevin Hague

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