Expunge all historic cannabis convictions if cannabis is legalised in New Zealand

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This year Kiwis have the chance to change history with a YES vote at the cannabis referendum.

The draft bill that we will be voting on has been released, and it does not include any mention of expunging (getting rid of) historic cannabis convictions. Thousands of New Zealanders have a cannabis conviction on their record. These convictions can have serious negative consequences for years after the conviction was received. A cannabis conviction can affect a person's ability to travel overseas, take out loans and credit, and gain employment. How does this help them?

If we vote to legalise cannabis, it would be an acknowledgement that our current laws are unjust. People should not continue to be punished for something that will no longer be a crime. I call on the New Zealand government to add expungement of prior cannabis convictions in to the legislation if Kiwis vote to legalise cannabis. Let's stop the injustice and allow these people to get on with their lives without this shadow hanging over them!