Time For Freedom for all New Zealanders

Time For Freedom for all New Zealanders

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ivan jones started this petition to New Zealand government elect. The Labour Party and

We the people of New Zealand demand the current government elect stand down and call on the Governor General of New Zealand to dissolve parliament and call for new elections!


The New Zealand Government have ignored peoples democratic rights to freedom and implemented ongoing control of our people through lockdowns.

The incompetence and lack of skills in the management of the Covid 19 virus for New Zealand, failure of all aspects of MIQ; lack of understanding and empathy of the impacts of their decisions on individuals, families and businesses. Disregard for the thousands of New Zealanders stranded and denied access to their country and families; and still don’t know when they can come home;

There failure to recognise the economic impact that their decisions are having on the New Zealand economy and the long term effects.  They continually ignor peoples right to work and be able earn an income to feed there families. Resulting in an increase in family violence, suicide and emotional stress.

Causing large numbers of suicides due to the lack of understand of the situation, this is CRIMINAL, and the Labour Party need to be held accountable for their actions.

This governments incompetence has attacked hard working New Zealanders who have been the mainstay of our country’s economy. This governments ignorance and failure to recognise the impacts of their decisions on small and medium businesses, their employees and the flow on effect to families. New Zealanders are losing their businesses, their homes and their ability to provide for their loved ones.

The use of tax payer money by this government to control the media for the purpose of Labour propaganda; their manipulation of the truth and selectively reporting to the New Zealand people based on their own agenda..

Government caucus controlled by the Labour Government with their majority vote; they are pushing through serious changes to our ownership of water management and legislating under urgency to take control of water management and take it away from our councils. This is dictating what belongs to the people of New Zealand as rate payers, whom payed for these water supply systems, this is NOT DEMOCRATIC nor should New Zealanders allow it to happen!

They are placing our country into huge financial debt. In ‘just four years’ we have moved from a strong economy to a debt forecast of an around $800billion so far!  This debt belongs to all New Zealanders, their children and grandchildren who will be paying for this for all their lives. This is the poorest management of our finances ever!

This has been the worst government in New Zealands history, clearly showing this government doesn’t understand how to manage a country or look after the people in a democratic society. They must go urgently before they cause more hurt and debt to our country.

Please send this partition to all your friends and family by email and face book, this is NEW ZEALANDS last chance before we loose everything!!

Please post your vote by putting your name and email to get rid of the worst government ever - we need at least two million votes!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!