Change the life imprisonment law New Zealand to real life not 10-30years.

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On the 27th January 2018, Eli Holtz aged 18 was brutally beaten to death by Myron Robert Alf Felise aged 30, for squirting him with a water gun. As he begged and pleaded for Myron to stop, he began to loose conscious and was rushed to Auckland hospital where he died due to fatal injuries to his head. His killer was sentenced on the 28th February 2019 for 7 years. Grace Millane, a UK tourist backpacker was murdered on the 2nd December, the day of her 22 birthday by a New Zealand man aged 26. Grace Millane had not contacted any of her family the day of her birthday which began to bring concerns to the family. She was said to be in New Zealand travelling for an overseas experience by herself. She was then said to have  met her online mischief who lured her into Auckland Cities well known Casino where they had fun the night before her birthday.  He then drove her to a remote area of Waitakere Rangers, West Auckland where she was then sexually assaulted and murdered on the day of her birthday. Her murderer however was granted name suppression here in New Zealand and still remains on name suppression till his trial is over. However he was not put on name suppression in the UK where his name and identity was exposed. Grace Millane’s murderers sentence has not yet been decided but in comparison to every other murderer who was sentenced in New Zealand for any crime relating to murder, he will not serve over 30 or so years. Nia Glassie, aged 3 was put in a clothes dryer spinning for 30 minutes on a hot setting, hung on a clothesline and spun around, held over a burning fire, used to practise wrestling moves, folded into a couch and sat upon, shoved into piles of rubbish and cold baths, dragged half naked through a sandpit, thrown at walls and dropped from heights, and had various objects hurled at her. Her murderers were her mums boyfriend Wiremu Curtis aged 19 and his brother Michael aged 22 and her Mum, Lisa Michelle Kuka who failed to obtain medical treatment for the toddler before her death and did not seek help we’ll she watched her baby girl die. These three were both sentenced to life imprisonment serving a minimum of 17.5 years non-parole. However the longest sentence time in New Zealand which is being served with non-parole for 30 years by William Dwane Bell for murdering three people at a RSA in Panmure in 2001, that is 10 years for each life he has taken. TEN years sentencing time is how much a life is worth to the New Zealand Government. 

These are only a few of many brutal murders that have occurred in New Zealand over the past decade, these people have taken lives of other people who will never be able to walk on this earth again. These people have destroyed the hearts of loved ones and the people who were viciously murdered have been served no justice at all. Life sentence in New Zealand is nothing, Brownie Harding was sentenced to 28.5 years in prison for producing the largest amount of Methamphetamine in the history of New Zealand. The unequal justice that is being served here is disgusting that a person consuming productivity of drugs is more important than a person’s life. It’s disgusting to think that a 3 year old wasn’t safe with her own family and the government wasn’t there to protect her. She was 3 years old and brutally murdered by people who she called her family. Yet her life is unnoticed like it was when her family never noticed her being assaulted in her own home. I will not bare to see anymore cases of innocent lives being served no justice. I will be the voice for those kids who were neglected and hidden away in disguise to cover up lies parents were saying. I will be the voice to rise up and take a stand for any tourist around the world who want to discover the beauty of our country, I will be the voice for Eli who was young and having fun on the streets living his life that he deserved to have. If New Zealand doesn’t take a stand now and fight for the laws to be changed for the sentence criminals are given in New Zealand then our statistics will keep rising and rising till there is no way to stop it. There is no excuse for killing an innocent life, there is no excuse for sexually assaulting or raping a women who is begging you to stop, there is no excuse to murder a tourist who is not from this country thinking you will get away with it, there is no excuse at all to why you have the rights to kill someone and get away with it. That is a life long time of 60-90 years you have taken from that person. Think about it New Zealand, do you think our government needs to start changing the law?