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Bullying legislation in New Zealand

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On Friday 5th May 2017 my sister was physically assaulted on school grounds having her hair ripped out and receiving a violent punch to the head which caused a serious concussion. At the time of the assault, my sister had called my mum asking for help, and it was my mum who had to contact the school to send staff to help her. This was unbeknownst to a staff member who told my sister and her friends not to tell her mum or their parents.

This is the second incident in which my sister has been physically assaulted and told not to contact her mum- the first time she was told by the principal. The bully was only stood-down from school for three days while my sister is terrified to go to school in case another incident like this occurs. The bullying began last year when my sister became a target for having red hair! It has only escalated with the school not dealing with the issue adequately. In this time, my sister has tried to commit suicide twice. She is only fourteen.

Bullying is a serious, life-threatening issue that is becoming more frequent across New Zealand. Our schools need more guidelines in how to prevent and deal with bullying cases. The New Zealand government needs to take action and create legislation that protects our tamariki, with the victims' well-being and education taking a priority.

Please show your support by signing below. We need to band together and stand up against bullying across New Zealand. It's time that the government listens to our voices! 

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