Asking Minister of Immigration to Reconsider his decision and allow Liza Diamos residency

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  1. We wish this decision to be looked at again by the minister 

         " By submitting the information missed "

My partner of 2 1/2 years ( we are engaged and due to marry in June )  She has been living in NZ since 2015 ,was denied residence in NZ by the Minister ,subject to a decision by the Residence Appeal Tribunal stating we had special circumstances He was given recommendation to grant residence in this case   " special circumstances had already been established "

"It is  also accepted that he could not reasonably  be expected to move to the Philippines  at this  stage of his  life. He is  approaching 70 years, has only ever lived in New Zealand, and his business is dependent on his being here to perform all core functions. Importantly, he has a strong familial nexus to New Zealand through his  four New Zealand-citizen children, especially  his 28-year-old son, with whom he has  always  shared a home. He is  also an integral part of this son’s family, which includes the son’s wife and young child" 

"The tribunal accepts that the appellant ( My partner ) has become a member of her partners immediate family unit,which includes his 28 year old son,daughter-in-law and a grandchild .They all live together in the one home,while having separate living spaces ,has promoted close family ties"

But the Minster declined against their recommendation.

A further appeal then ruled the opposite of the first the outcome in as many words is

" I was told to live in the Philippines and join my partner if I wanted to continue our relationship !!!" 

But what a ridiculous suggestion .......after the tribunal had already stated the opposite 

For your information about where I was told to live as below.......

This  area which is unsafe and marked so with travel warning maps . Im 68 years old , a pensioner , expected to put myself at risk ,leave my country of birth ,rip up my entire life and leave behind to effectively move to a 4th world country without even a roof over my head ,Isis operate and have responsible for over 1200 deaths in recent years on the Island of Mindanao in the South of Philippines which is well known for its unrest.Recently  a Catholic church was attacked, 20 were killed. My partner has had to return into this mess,sleeps in a house of 10 people and on the floor in her 80 year old mothers room .We request the Minister to consider "Human Rights " as clearly there are issues here. 

I am fearful for her safety knowing that these areas can erupt at any time

It is very difficult  in life to meet someone genuine ,it is even more difficult to have been parted by people who do not access the situation as it was not presented .

The chance to  sit down and talk about ways to move this forward for the desired outcome we both need.

It is even more difficult to have a draconian decision made without all the facts made known to the Minister.

Asking to show some Compassion and Empathy, we are real ,the decision made was wrong 

Why do this to someones relationship ?

Everyone ..........

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