ACC Legislation needs to recognise Cumulative Trauma amongst Emergency Service Workers

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Currently, ACC legislation does not recognise cumulative trauma as a cause of PTSD and other Work Place Mental Health injuries. Many other countries and indeed, PTSD Diagnostic tools, recognise the effects of continuous trauma on individuals. 

In New Zealand, to qualify for ACC, in relation to a workplace mental injury, individuals must specify a single event. This is not always the case and prevents many Emergency Workers from accessing the help and therapy they are rightfully entitled to. 

A change is needed to ACC legislation that recognises cumulative trauma amongst Emergency Service Workers.  ACC guidelines need to be brought into line with many other countries to high actively support members of the Emergency Services who have suffered PTSD/PTSI/Mental Health issues. 

Emergency Service workers often feel that the trauma you have to go through, to even be simply assessed for a Workplace Mental Injury, is almost as traumatic as the events themselves. This revictimisation needs to stop. The entire process needs completely overhauling and modernising in line with International best practise