Abortion Counselling in New Zealand

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Sign this petition if you believe that women should attend counselling before and after an abortion to prevent and discuss any issues.  Men should also be offered counselling as they may be unaware or disagree with the women's abortions.

Many women after having an abortion believe that they are ok and many women find that in the future they come across health issues which include struggling to conceive.  Men should also be offered counselling if they actually wanted to have the child or if they feel like they need support.  

Section 35 - Counselling from the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act of 1977When the certifying consultants have made a decision in any case (whether they have decided to authorise or to refuse to authorise the performance of an abortion), they shall (in consultation, where practicable, with the woman’s own doctor) advise her of her right to seek counselling from any appropriate person or agency.  We believe women seeking an abortion should be required to attend counselling before and after an abortion to help with stresses and potential future mental trauma.  We also want counselling to be optional for the father to help with the loss and any mental trauma for the future.  

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