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Bring Back Our Traffic Cops, Traffic Safety Service NZ

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The road toll has risen 50 per cent in the past five years.
Our new Govt may be the only chance we have in a long time to make a change for the better. Death and injury on our roads needs to be reduced!

Proper Enforcement on our roads is weak with very little coverage, very little focus on the smaller things that grow fast into larger problems, bad driving habits!
Drivers need managing, a slap in the face so to say for their bad driving, a reminder of how to drive.  People using phones whilst driving are now our modern day drunk.
Tailgating, Passing into oncoming traffic, Failing to stop at stop signs, Slow vehicles that don't pull over, These all and more are all issues the need to be addressed by well trained Traffic Officers, Not Police Officers partly trained for traffic enforcement of which many have their own concerns about the current situation.

An Independently focused & funded Road Policing unit may be the only solution, a real force with proper training and focus, not to generate money for the Govt but to do a real job of making our roads safer with education before infringement.
Our Govt has a moral responsibility to take a real look at what is failing, Some say roads need updated & no doubt there are some that do, But many drivers don't seem to realize how bad their driving is and don't drive to the conditions.

This out of control situation is taking its toll on Families and all emergency services!
A Independent Traffic Safety Service can also support the Police, reducing their workload and stress. It has worked in the past in the days of the NZMOT Traffic Officers and it will work again with a modern twist added.

At the end of the day things need to change for the better, The Police so far over many years have not achieved this. The NZ Police has slowly stripped whatever we had to bare minimums and here we are today killing each other on our roads.

There are additional ideas regarding Tourist Drivers, many of which are good ideas.
However like a speed limit, nothing works well if it is not managed well.

Show your support and lets get the Govt to take a real look at what is needed and what the citizens/public of NZ want.

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Don't knock the Front-Line Police Staff, they are doing their best.


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