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Road Service To Scan Deceased Cats For Microchip Rather Than Tossing Them In The Dump

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Hundreds of beloved pets, especially cats are being picked up on the side of road when found deceased and being chucked straight into the dump/landfill. This leaves owners distraught and wondering for months and even years about what had happened to their beloved pet (some cases people find their cats been tossed in the dump, other people have no idea about where there cats are without knowing they have ended up in the landfill). We pay to get our pets microchipped and in one of the cases that our pets do get run over, we should atleast be contacted so we can be reunited and give them the burial that they deserve, not be tossed in a dump. A microchip scanner does not cost much and if road service could do a small report with details about the cat eg what street it was found, colour, long hair/short hair that would stop hundreds of pet owners around NZ wondering where there pet is. Pets are family and this is not OK. Please sign this petition if you agree on making changes where road service staff MUST report a deceased cat by using a microchip scanner and giving a small description and also keeping in a freezer for one week until owners are notified. 

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