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Change the Policies Surrounding Medical Marijuana in New Zealand

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The policies surrounding medical marijuana in New Zealand are very strict and have inhibited people who are in need of pain relief and also more control of illness'. We are two Wellington Girls' College Year 13 students that believe in changing these policies or getting rid of them to make it easier for people to have the choice of obtaining medical marijuana. The policies we will be hoping to change or rid of most are ‘application from an appropriate specialist’ and ‘severe or life threatening condition’. The meaning of appropriate specialist is extremely limited as in this case an ‘appropriate specialist’ is not a general practitioner, but a pharmacist and can only be acquired through them under very specific circumstances and conditions. So even though it is officially been made legal it is extremely difficult to get because of the many policies that surround acquiring medical marijuana for pain relief and other medical uses which is what it was made legal for and what it helps with most.

We don't believe in decriminalizing marijuana in general as we want it to be strictly for medical reasons alone, not recreational. Though this is not an issue that impacts us directly we do support those who are directly impacted by this, whether it’s through daily pain, not being able to afford the legal branded medication, or in need of help.

By signing this petition you will be supporting the medical marijuana movement and all the people who are in need of help as this is a serious issue in New Zealand.

Thank you.

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