Ask NZCBC to disallow use of Mates and Dates programme in our Catholic colleges

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Many Catholic colleges in New Zealand are now using or actively considering the use of an ACC consent education programme called 'Mates and Dates'.  While there are some aspects of the programme which are acceptable to many parents and teachers there are some very problematic themes, video clips and discussions within the syllabus.  Particularly at issue is the radical gender ideology including the promotion of gender self-identification which underpins much of the programme.  The originators of this petition have visited key personnel within Catholic Education and found that there is much ignorance of the content of the programme.  This is in part due to a lack of availability of access to the full materials.  We respectfully request that the NZCBC do due diligence on the programme in order to give clear, comprehensive and firm guidance to Principals, Boards of Trustees and Boards of Proprietors of Catholic colleges within New Zealand not to use the programme within their schools.