We would like to make it possible for LGBT men to have the option to donate blood whenever

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The issue we would like to address is the discrimination against LGBT men and donating blood.

Currently in New Zealand LGBT men cannot donate their blood if they have had sex in the last 12 months. But a heterosexual man can donate their blood anytime, whether they have had sex or not. This is really unfair to LGBT men and discriminatory as they are not even given the option to donate their blood, whether or not they have HIV.  Furthermore, all blood in New Zealand is tested after being taken, therefore LGBT men should be given the option to donate blood. Because getting the option is very important as everyone else can donate their blood, but LGBT men cannot because of their sexual preference and this is a violation of human rights because everyone should get the option to donate their blood because HIV/aids are not just limited to homosexual men, heterosexual men/women can also contract STDs but they are allowed to donate their blood. Changing this policy will help to make LGBTQ+ men feel more included in society and feel less discrimination. 

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