To introduce the sunflower lanyard (for people with hidden disabilities)at all NZ airports

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We have a four year old boy who is Autistic, has GDD and anxiety. He struggles with new places, sounds and experiences. He has verbal delay and so is unable to explain his feelings. 

Travelling as a family can be extremely stressful. He has multiple meltdowns especially if he has to wait in line or finds the environment of the airport too much to handle.

Having a sunflower lanyard is a discreet way of highlighting to staff that the person may need extra assistance as they have a hidden disability. It would make life better for travellers with conditions like autism, dementia and hearing loss, as well as many other conditions.

I think making the sunflower lanyard available to all people with hidden disabilities travelling through New Zealand airports would benefit many people, making travelling easier and a positive experience for everyone.

It is already available in the UK

It is also available in some Australian airports with the work being started to make it more widespread.