NYU Stand with Your International Students

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Janet Chuang
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Yesterday afternoon, July 6 2020, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) issued a new policy regarding international students for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester: https://www.ice.gov/doclib/sevis/pdf/bcm2007-01.pdf.

Under the new guidelines, international students with F-1 visas MUST comply with the following conditions to maintain their status and stay in the US:

1. Students at schools with normal in-person class operations are bound by all existing federal policies and regulations.

2. Class operations that begin with in-person classes and transition to fully online
instruction AFTER Thanksgiving still qualify as a hybrid class operation under ICE’s new policy. Students at schools with hybrid class operations WILL be allowed to take more than one class or three credit hours online and still keep their F-1 status, as long as these schools certify to SEVP that:

a. the program is NOT solely online;
b. the student is not taking an entirely online course load this semester; and
c. the student is taking the minimum number of online classes required toward their degree program.

3. Students at schools with fully online class operations have to leave the U.S., transfer to a school with in-person class operations, or face DHS
consequences, including removal and deportation proceedings. No new visas will be issued for those enrolled in fully online programs at this time.


As of recently, NYU announced they will most LIKELY be adopting the hybrid class system this upcoming fall. As members of the NYU community, we must continue to urge NYU to commit to its international students (especially since NYU has the largest international student community in the United States with 19,605 international students enrolled in 2019). International students are not eligible for financial aid, most scholarships, and other cost assistance programs that students are normally afforded. International students usually pay full tuition. 

Let's break it down further. Full NYU tuition costs (excluding housing, we are talking strictly tuition) come to about $51,828 for undergrad…multiply that with the number of international students and that's roughly an influx of $1,016,087,940 coming straight from international students. That number does not even represent any additional graduate student tuition costs.

As a part of the NYU community, we acknowledge the complexity of this situation, especially during an ongoing pandemic. We understand NYU has been working diligently for months to create a plan for their students, and we thank NYU's commitment to its students. However, we must continue to urge NYU to support its international students and stand-up against an ICE policy that is inherently xenophobic, nationalist, and racist. We must remember that unless we are a part of the indigenous community, we are also immigrants to this country. It is up to us, especially US citizens, to fight against a policy that will disproportionally affect students who may not have the luxury of leaving the United States due to a myriad of reasons: international travel bans in place, extraneous or internal threats within their own countries, any additional costs that may occur with last-minute traveling and housing plans, unsafe health conditions due to COVID etc. If NYU students are under attack by the US government, then NYU as an institution is also under attack. We realize that there is no easy solution and that this policy inherently hurts NYU and all other universities across the United States. Yet we ask NYU to keep its international student's lives and health in mind. International students offer so much to NYU, and the NYU community would not be the same without them. 

Please stand with your students.

1) Officially adopt a hybrid class operation system as defined by ICE for this fall.

2) Invite students and alumni to be a part of this conversation and to help develop a community-driven solution.

      -either through virtual town halls, zoom conferences, or email correspondence

3) Be transparent with international students regarding these discussions so they can figure out what to do next.

    -either through virtual town halls, zoom conferences, or email correspondence

We will get through this, but we can only get through this if we work together.