Kick Aramark Off Campus

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As most fellow students would echo, the New York University community encourages one another to take initiative and stand up for causes dear to our hearts. This is why I am reaching out to you, fellow animal lovers, to join me in asking our leadership to kick Aramark off of NYU’s campus!

Why? Because our current foodservice provider, Aramark, purchases chickens from cruel, unsanitary, and unsustainable factory farms!

The living conditions for chickens on these factory farms are unimaginably cruel. Packed wing to wing in long dark sheds, these chickens have little more than the space of a piece of paper to live on for the entirety of their short existence. Chickens are forced to stand in their own feces causing many to suffer from burns internally, and externally, from the toxic ammonia fumes. In Aramark’s current supply chain, chickens are so genetically manipulated that they suffer tremendously from organ failure and broken bones as their body grows grotesquely large.

IF they survive life on the factory farm, they are shipped off to a slaughterhouse where many will undergo the terrifyingly gruesome and ineffective slaughter process while still partially or fully conscious.

Regardless of dietary decisions, we can all agree that this type of treatment of animals is wrong.

NYU students deserve the right to have a say in what we are served in our dining halls and what companies we support. Although Aramark itself has admitted that there are issues in its supply chain, they continue to refuse to release a concrete plan to address the problems. Now it’s time for us to take action.

Please sign my petition urging NYU’s leadership to end its contract with Aramark!


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