New York Times: Pull down graphic photos of Riverside Terror attack

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New York Times shared horrible graphic photos of Riverside/Dusit Terror attack showing no respect for the people who lost their lives during the terror attack that happened on Jan. 15, 2019.

Several requests have been made via email and social media to have the photos, relating to the incident, removed from the New York Times article but New York Times been adamant showing no interest of pulling down the photos.

Is it ethical to publish such gruesome images of people who have lost their lives?

This is a petition requesting New York Times to adhere to integrity and media ethics and honor victims and families affected by the terror attack in Kenya with the same respect it shows to victims and families affected by similar events in USA and Europe.

"Likewise, if the refusal to publish images of dead American service members is a sign of respect, then the willingness to publish photographs of other people’s dead bodies can be read as a sign of disrespect." - New York Times article.


Sign this petition and get New York Times to remove the graphic photos from its articles.