Press sites to STOP BLOCKING Coronavirus News from the public

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In these very serious times in our country, putting profit before the public interest is a horrible position for the PRESS to take a stance on.

I am calling for the national publications (specifically New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal) to make information FREELY available to the public WITHOUT PAYWALL, when it relates to information concerning the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Serve the populace and use your resources for the good of ALL of us as Americans and not just to service your financial executives. 

Now more than ever, sound, well researched information is needed and in short supply. To have life altering and possibly life saving information BLOCKED and unreadable after following an important headline is totally immorale. 

Our nation depends on these publications for good solid news. The news thrives on posts being spread organically via social media. To have a post concerning this disease not be readable to all is simply atrocious.

Every American needs to be informed and well educated for this disease to STOP being spread. Its not doing the country any good if only those privy enough to subscribe are able to read and get educated. 

New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal... "FREE THE PRESS" immediately as it relates to this Coronavirus!