E fácil julgar!

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So this letter is addressed to New York Times;

I have no idea what you believe in, But there is one thing for sure that i know, I know that we shouldn't insult anyone , I know for fact that Thomas s. Monson was a real good and honest man who dedicated his life to the Lord, I also know that he is a Prophet of God, I also know that we are not God to judge....and wouldn't it have been better for you to ask him while he was alive instead of attacking some one who has already passed away and can't respond to your insults?

so, Just to be clear, I am asking you to rewrite the article about Thomas s. Monson the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter days saints. 

I absolutly disagree with you and the writer, it is an absolute insult to the members and to the Church of Jesus Christ, and if you don’t know enough about our church we would gladly help you out to comprehend better.


Sima Defaei Kutomi 


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