Revoke "youthful offender" treatment offer for Franklin Reyes

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Franklin Reyes is currently awaiting trial in the case against him for the death of Ariel Russo, who was merely 4 years old when Reyes senselessly took her life. On the morning of June 4, 2013, while little Ariel was on her way to school with her grandmother, Reyes rammed his mother's SUV- which he was driving illegally as, at the time, he was only 17 with a learner's permit- into Ariel and her grandmother, Katia Gutierrez, resulting in the death of Ariel and severe injury to Katia.

In the 15 months since her death while out on bail, Reyes has been arrested twice more- once for burglarizing a deceased woman's home with his own father, and once more for yet another vehicle incident, where he dragged an officer over 100 feet, again attempting to flee police while under strict court orders NOT to be behind the wheel of a car. In addition, Reyes, while being seen at a hospital under the pretext of “chest pains”, used the opportunity to try and escape police custody.

It is quite clear Mr. Reyes not only feels no sense of remorse for causing the untimely death of baby Ariel, but continues to menace the streets of New York, even going so far as to assault an officer with a vehicle he had no business driving. Who would possibly be able to get behind the wheel of a car knowing that they are the reason a baby lost her life? What kind of person is Mr. Reyes who, instead of taking the time to reflect on the immense consequences of his actions, decides to continue to shamelessly break the law? Should Mr. Reyes be given youthful offender treatment, can we expect him to learn from his actions? Can we be sure he won't take the life of yet another person innocently walking down the street to work or school when he clearly has no qualms practically running over an officer of the law?

Surely if the past 15 months and three arrests are any indication, Mr. Reyes does not deserve youthful offender privileges. The "Y/O" status would mean Reyes would serve minimal time and his criminal record would be subsequently wiped clean. As if Ariel and her grandmother were never hit, as if this heinous crime never happened. He should be tried as an adult to the fullest extent of the law in order to prevent him from continuing to be a threat to New Yorkers city-wide.

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