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Carl R.Gottstein Jr. is Runnning for NY State Assembly 108th

New York:New Energy Party

May 18, 2014 — We have been stalled at every turn. Time to take our fight to the state house. To many politicians are afraid to say and do what must be done! Lets face it! Up State NY and NYC are two different worlds. UP state NY continues to be subjugated to the will of NYC politicians. This must change. If elected to the assembly will put forward legislation that protects the God Given Rights and autonomy of UP State NY and dissolves the chains that bind US to extreme NYC leftists. I will fight to get this done until we are FREE!

If that means a 51st state?

So be it!

I hope you will support my run for public office. You can start by liking my FB fan page and sharing it everywhere.

Carl R.Gottstein Jr.


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