Children with Special Needs, Need to Be Cared For by Their Parents.

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I am a parent of a child with special needs. Due to my daughter's condition, I have not been able to work and to support my family financially, (I have lost several jobs and I have not been able to find employment due to my daughter's needs). 

To come to the help of families like mine and of children like my daughter, I have been working with my district representatives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY for more then a year and a half to propose a change of law that would enable parents of children with special needs to be their child's care provider for a pay. Under the current law parents of children with special needs are not allowed to do so even when the child's diagnosis is severe and the child is 100% dependent on adult help and supervision.

By changing the law children with special needs will be allowed to be cared by the people that know them best and that will go beyond limits to attend to them, to protect them, to give them love, and to make sure that their child can achieve their 100% potential. 

The above reasons, however, are not the only ones as to why parents should be allowed to work with their children with special needs. The measures of changing this law would do far more, such as provide for the expenses and needs of their families, allow the families to live a more independent life, allow the parents to contribute to the country by paying taxes, reduce the number of people who apply for government assistance programs, (many of these parents cannot go to work due to the needs of their child/children). Furthermore, by allowing parents to work with their special needs children, we would also contribute in building healthier and happier families and communities.

Signing this petition can be a very small step but it could lead to a very important change. By allowing  this group of children who are the most vulnerable of us all to be taken care by their parents, we are allowing for families to be healthier and happier and we are enabling children like my daughter to be a positive part of the communities they live in. A special needs child is a special sign from God, and it is also a challenge that parents can address better then others. Please show your support by signing this petition, by sharing it with others, and by reaching out to your state representative and telling them that you support the initiative to allow parents to work with their special needs children for a pay. 

Thank you so much for your support!