Vote no for the Parental Choice in Education Act

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The Parental Choice in Education Act is a proposal from Gov. Andrew Cuomo that allows wealthy New Yorkers to get a tax credit if they donate to private school scholarships or public after school programs. This tax credit is for individuals and businesses and allows them to donate up to a $1,000,000 and receive up to a $750,000 tax credit.  In other words, donors can get a tax credit for up to 75% for their donations.

The Parental Choice in Education Act also gives parents making $60,000 or less a $500 tax credit for each child enrolled in a private school, and gives tax credits to teachers who buy supplies for the classroom.

This sounds great, right?


The Parental Choice in Education Act is Cuomo’s way of funneling taxpayer dollars to private schools. The cap each year for this tax credit is $150,000,000. This is $150,000,000 that will be taken out of the State budget and redirected to fund private school scholarships. This is $150,000,000 that could be used to fund public schools and programs in our poorest communities and truly help New York children; some of whom live in cities with some of the highest rates of childhood poverty in the country.

Although Cuomo is trying to make it sound like he is helping families who struggle financially, only 50% of the scholarships funded through Cuomo’s proposal have to be awarded to families who qualify for the Federal free and reduced lunch program.  The rest of the scholarships can be given to families whose income is up to $250,000 a year.

After I have learned about this act I look at this quote from Cuomo and laugh:“This is about fairness and this is about parents choosing the school that is right for their children” - Cuomo

Sign this petition and tell our representatives in the New York State House and Senate that you do not want taxpayer dollars going to private schools.

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