Protect Children of Domestic Violence - Senate Bill S3869

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Last month, I was interviewed in my home regarding a new, NYS bill I’ve been working on with state legislators. It’s for a segment regarding my bill and two others, all aimed at protecting and empowering victims of domestic violence. It will air in February.

As as survivor, the bill I’m working on focuses on protecting children of abusers as it pertains to visitation and custody. Interestingly, Congress is working on the same bill; on a Federal level - it has a great amount of support. This bill would block access to children by parents who have committed acts of domestic violence until a year of batterer intervention has been completed. It also allows the courts to access files, such as medical records, that would otherwise be sealed. 

While those who are educated on the matter know victims don’t choose to be victimized nor can be identified as any type of particular person, many still blame the victim for choosing to stay, having poor judgement or low self esteem. I advocate from the perspective that domestic violence is a societal problem. Because it is.

Domestic violence tears at the fabric of communities, dismantling family units and causing a ripple effect of repercussions that are felt for many years. It’s costs NYS taxpayers millions a year to bring justice, more officers are shot nationwide responding to DV calls than any other type of firearm related fatality. Boys raised in homes where DV is present are twice as likely to become abusers. Too often it spills into our communities, into places that are meant to be safe havens om their own; schools where abusers harass the children and teachers; Work where abusers harass colleagues; upwards of 60% of mass shooters have a DV history making our malls, places of worship, theaters..... making the community unsafe and bringing this “private issue” into your home.


Please read this link below, it mirrors the NYS bill which can be read here. If you’re a resident of NY, please sign the petition to show your support for protecting our children.