Pass the bill for COTA Licensure in NY State (Bill A1798A-2015)

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Every year, Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant students across the United States will sit for the NBCOT examination in order to become “certified” healthcare professionals.  Yet, once deemed a COTA by the board, we are not afforded the same opportunity to apply for state licensure as our OTR counterpart. 

In addition, New York State is the last state in the United States not to offer licensure to OTA. The resources available in our city make it an incredible place not only to live, but to work in and make a future for ourselves and our families.  If the requirements of both accredited associates and masters level programs have produced competent entry-level practitioners and NBCOT test takers who comply to a passing score, why not enable COTA’s to assert themselves as licensed professionals in the eyes of the state as well? 

Being allowed to become licensed would not only bring great pride to New York State COTAs, it would also help set a standard for practice.  Without required OTA’s to be licensed, facilities are able to hire whomever they please regardless of their educational or professional background.  This can put patients in jeopardy of being treated by someone who has not undergone the rigorous training that is required of COTA.  Without requiring licensure, it is easy for someone who does not have the skills and education to represent themselves as a COTA; putting patients in jeopardy and putting our profession at risk of being deemed unnecessary and incompetent.  The fact is exactly the opposite, there are many dedicated, hardworking professionals who would proudly and competently represent the Occupational Therapy as licensed professionals if giving the opportunity to do so.  

COTAs are dedicated, schooled, and qualified individuals who care deeply about helping their patients regain independence and well-being in their everyday lives.  We are daughters, sons, mothers, and fathers who want to make our mark on the great state of New York.  Please allow us this long-awaited opportunity to enrich our lives and the lives of our patients.

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