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Help turn Mason's Law into a reality

On August 5th 2014 Mason Decosmo was murdered by his mom's new boyfriend, who had been a caretaker of him and his little brother for the last few months There had been an open cps case that was closed 7 to 10 days before Mason was taken from us, even though the autopsy showed bruises and open wounds that suggested he had been abused for up to 10 to 14 days. His father Lou and other members of the Decosmo had photo evidence of a black eye and bruises as far back as 3 months prior to Mason's passing, yet the case was still closed and Lou's concern was written off as jealousy over the mothers new relationship by family court and Mason's wounds were assumed to be due to his clumsiness by child protective services.    We cant bring Mason back and we certainly cant make this right, but there are thousands of children that suffer from physical abuse whose cases are being closed carelessly even with plenty of evidence, due to the system being so clogged up and overpopulated with bogus calls and reports made out of spite. Many of these cases are closed while the child still has bruises or is still exhibiting certain behavioral red flags, but it's totally legal.    Mason's Law will make it illegal and considered negligence if a cps case worker decides to close a case where the child still has bruises or lacerations on the body, or exhibits behavioral changes that are considered red flags in cases of sexual abuse and physical abuse that have not been changed or resolved.   Some other changes we would like to see as a result of this include but are not limited to: - Restrictions on who a mother or father can move their children into a house with, depending on certain factors such as length of time and what type of relationship. - Stop the court system from being biased in favor of the mother, and acquire more equal treatment towards both parties in family court cases. - Prevent discrimination against parents with disabilities such as being blind, deaf, crippled, physically ill, etc.
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