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Fathers Rights in the State of New York

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Dear senate
I am writing to plead with you to please take note of the laws in NY regarding family court laws and the RIGHTS OF FATHERS. I have had my first grandson two months ago. As rewarding blessing this has been, it has also been one of the most difficult times for my entire family life and for my son.
It started in the hospital when my son was treated like a second rate citizen by the hospital staff. He asked for a paternity test in the hospital with the agreement of the mother and was denied. He went ahead and signed the birth certificate and acknowledgement of paternity thinking that if this was his child he did not want to miss a moment. However, he was horrible wrong.
He learned very quickly that as a father in NYS you have no rights!! He has been attacked by his child’s mother. She is physically, verbally and mentally abusive toward him. He has gone to the state police filed assault charges; he has gotten a restraining order, CPS was called on her regarding her action with her baby. When reporting his abuse to the state troopers we were asked why we were filing this report of abuse. Our first response was to protect his son. Secondly it was to protect him from her. The trooper’s response was demining and discriminating. “Saying really you’re a big guy you’re afraid of her? You can handle yourself I am sure”. It is this type of discriminating acts that cannot be tolerated!
The story goes on and I am sure you have heard this before. Yet NOTHING IS DONE !!!
Fathers deserve to have a say in their children lives. I ask that the laws be changed so that a father has time with their child from day one. FATHERS should not be treated like second rate citizen and discriminated against. They should not have to wait months later for courts to say he can see his child. If a father signs the paternity acknowledgement papers it should grant automatically no less than 48 hours a week of unsupervised visitation rights to spend time with his child. The father has the right to bond with his child and is and should be as important part of the child’s life just as much as his mother. To take this right from a father is an infringement on his civil and human rights. FATHERS HAVE RIGHTS.
Please help my family by helping other to never have to be subjected to this type of discrimination.

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