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Just a update. 11/01/2013 (2 of 2)

Karen McQueen
Glenn Heights, TX

Nov 1, 2013 — I want to say thank you for supporting this petition. I will try and send out an update weekly at the least. When trying to make an idea, such as this, into a bill and then a law it is going to take a great amount of time and effort. This is something that will not be put into use,within a month or two it may take a year or so. There is no guarantee that if given a chance to be voted on that this will pass. This is where the signatures on the petition will help. There is no set number of signatures that is needed that I know of but the more signatures WE have will show the politicians that WE ARE HERE. What is needed is the attention of the lawmakers to get them to help with making this into a bill then into a law. I assure everyone that this petition is getting out to who it needs to get out to. I am open to any suggestions. Again THANK YOU! THANKS for the promotion also! for updates on the search.

Bring Avonte Home
Bring Avonte Home
Bring Avonte Home. 19,604 likes · 13,886 talking about this. MISSING TEEN: Avonte Oquendo - Help bring him home! Avonte Oquendo, a 14-year-old boy with autism is missing in Queens, NY. Please help him return home and show support for he and his family by spreading the word about his disappearance.