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Did you know that on July 14, 2018, the State of Kentucky became the first state to institute a Shared Parenting Law? This is indeed a historic moment for children and families.

What is the Shared Parenting Bill? The Shared Parenting Bill establishes that in an event that the mother and father of a child(ren) separate, the presumption (default) is that child custody will start at 50/50 (equal time);  providing there is no history of violence or a parent being unfit. 

The research on Shared Parenting unquestionably states that children involved in a divorce or separation fare much better when they have equal time, or close to equal time, with both parents.

Did you know that NYS has two Senate Shared Parenting Bills? One, Senate Bill S2267 sponsored by Senator Kevin S. Parker of Brooklyn, NY and the other Senate Bill S2577 sponsored by Senator Pamela Helming of Geneva, NY.
Currently, these Shared Parenting Bills are sitting in the Senate Committee on Children and Families. As a matter of fact, in over 15 years this bill has not even been brought to a vote.

The research is clear, the best interest of the child is when both parents are equally sharing in the raising of the child. According to the Leading Women For Shared Parenting (, ”Millions of family members, both women and men, have silently suffered the loss of children they love and care deeply about as a result of misguided laws and family court practices which systematically restrict a child’s access to one parent and half of their extended family. Both children and families deserve better.”

Let’s put what’s best for children first, having both parents in their life, regardless of the marital or living situation. Support Shared Parenting as the presumption for child custody decisions. 

Real Dads Network ( is asking that you sign this petition demanding the NYS Senate, The House and the Governor pass the Shared Parenting Bill because children deserve both parents. 

Let's stop talking, and take action and get this bill into law.


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