PSEG & HomeServe Creating Unfair Competition and Public Deception

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On May 2, 2019, PSEG published a press release announcing the partnership and starting that month “residents can purchase repair and protection plans from HomeServe under the PSEG WorryFree brand”. Since this announcement, Long Island residents have been bombarded with postcards and mailings stating that PSEG WorryFree service is being executed by HomeServe. This type of promotion is deceptive to the consumer, who is led to believe that in order to work with PSEG they must purchase through HomeServe. HomeServe is an independent company that is separate from the PSEG family of companies, but a consumer looking at these promotions would never know that.

It is our belief that this partnership has created and will continue to create unfair competition and public deception. We request that the public deception and unfair competition be stopped.