Parole for Richard DiGugulielmo

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On October 3, 1996, Richard DiGuglielmo during the course of his normal day, encountered a situation where a man was swinging a baseball bat at Richard’s father. In a time span of less than two minutes, Richard DiGuglielmo was forced to make decisions that ended the life of one person and placed Richard into prison.

 In September 2008, Westchester County, Judge Rory Bellantoni vacated the conviction against Richard DiGugulielmo. After being released from prison, Richard obtained a job working in the construction industry, got an apartment and was married. Richard resumed being a productive member of society.

In 2010, The N.Y.S. Appellate Court reinstated the conviction against Richard DiGuglielmo. On the day Richard voluntarily turned himself back into prison, a N.Y. Post article described Richard as “speaking privately and sharing an embrace with the older brother of the victim Charles Campbell”

Richard DiGuglielmo while in prison attended a number of vocational courses, worked in the kitchen and library. Despite being a former Police Officer in the general population of maximum security prisons, Richard has an exemplary disciplinary record as an inmate, with good relationships with prisoners and Correctional employees.

 Richard DiGuglielmo has a clean criminal record prior to and after the incident that occurred on October 3, 1996. This includes the two year time period of 2008 – 2010, when Richard was freed from prison. Richard has an exemplary record while incarcerated. Richard also has extensive support from family, friends and the community, to help assure a smooth transition to life outside of prison. Richard has expressed remorse and accepted responsibility, for the incident that resulted in the death of Charles Campbell.

The below signees of this petition request that Richard DiGuglielmo’s parole request be approved.