Save Our Pump House

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Our iconic stone pump house, which has graced the shoreline of Chazy Lake for more than 85 years, is slated for demolition. Please help us save this treasured piece of Adirondack history by signing our petition to preserve this landmark building for future generations.


In 1931, New York State acquired a one-third-acre parcel of property on the northeastern shore of Chazy Lake for $1,130 from the Chazy Lake Realty Corporation.

Shortly thereafter, New York State hired a local contractor, John McCambley & Sons, to construct a stone, Elizabethan Revival-style, pump house on the newly acquired property. The original purpose of the pump house was to pump water a distance of seven miles over Dannemora Mountain to Clinton Prison and the Dannemora State Hospital.

At the direction of New York State, John McCambley & Sons constructed a one-story, stone pump house with a steeply pitched slate roof. The building’s overall rectangular plan is accented by large gables that project from the north and south façades. The roof is also punctuated by gable-roof wall dormers, two on each of the north and south façades. The building’s beautiful stone walls are enhanced with a series of symmetrically placed windows.

The land surrounding the pump house is owned by the Town of Dannemora. Still today, many decades later, hardly a day goes by without people picnicking, swimming, or taking a walk on the picturesque grounds of our beloved pump house.

Recently, New York State stopped using the pump house as a source of water for the Clinton Prison. Since then, maintenance of the pump house has lapsed, but this well-built stone building still remains a viable structure and an important gateway to our past.

Please help us save this historic building by signing our petition.  Thanks!

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