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New York State Legislature: Pass A01182A and S04126 for improved outdoor lighting

Better outdoor lighting will save energy, save money, improve visibility and help preserve our view of the night sky.

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New York State Assembly and Senate
New York State House
New York State Senate
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New York Governor
When it comes to the environment, I believe that it is important for state government to lead by example.

A01182A and S04126 - An act improving outdoor lighting and increasing dark-sky visibility - does exactly that. When passed, state agencies and public corporations will become leaders in New York in protecting the nighttime environment. This bill will enact common-sense standards for shielding and energy efficiency of lighting fixtures installed by state agencies. Passage of the law will encourage others in the state to follow suit and join in the benefits that come with sensible controls of outdoor lighting. These measures will result in savings in money and energy; improved safety and security; and the preservation of our view of the night sky.

With the passage of A01182A and S04126, New York will join the many other states that have enacted these standards.

I ask you to vote in favor of A01182A and S04126 when they come before you.

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