Stop Fireworks In Residential Communities

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This petition is to raise awareness and have meaningful discussions on a topic that has been a widespread problem in our communities.

A couple years ago, certain types of fireworks were legalized in NYS. However, people in communities have been using illegal fireworks and forcing their neighbors to accept the harm that it causes on their lives and their pets' lives. This consistently  occurs nightly from mid-June throughout the month of July and many times until 2:30am. Multiple complaints are filed by concerned constituents with the local police departments but they say they need to know the exact houses that are doing it and they need to see it happen. This is particularly challenging for the police to properly pinpoint and enforce.

There are many veterans in our communities with PTSD who have enough trouble trying to cope with fireworks when it's just July 4th. But these now go on for at least 6 weeks. Further, many people in our community have pets that are terrified to the point of getting sick. Medicating animals to keep them calm just so that people can enjoy fireworks is not the answer, nor should it be considered a long term solution.  Further there is a harmful effect on the local wildlife, especially during nesting season as there are loud booming explosions in the air and remnants of used sulfuric fireworks poluting the ground and water sources. 

My elderly mother has had restless nights because her service dog has been terrified to the point of shaking and throwing.  I've read countless stories of people whose beloved pet passed away from the stress incurred from these repeated fireworks, night after night.

When trying to discuss this topic with members of my community, I've found many people who are equally frustrated with the fireworks that are going on. Some have talked about their concerns with property damage, remnants of the fireworks in their yards and pools.   

We need a solution to this problem in our communities.  Without intervention, leadership, and empathy at each state level, it cannot be achieved.