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Make Traffic Law Kinder to Funeral Processions

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Recently, my grandmother passed away. At the funeral as we were all attempting to get to the grave site by following the Herse many people got lost due to red lights, stop signs, etc. Yes, they could've routed to the grave yard but it was a huge complex and you can't route to a specific grave. All of us were already having a hard enough time without the hassle of trying to navigate. We all had our hazard lights on and we were all in a line coming from a funeral home and we're clearly following the Herse. It was a nightmare. 

       I propose that funeral processions may always have the right of way as a pedestrian would when driving or that a police escort always accompany them so that complications like this wouldn't happen. They could treat red lights as stop signs and if another car sees them they have to stop because they have their hazard lights on. Once I have the attention of a higher authority we can work out the details but for now this is just a rough outline. Please help my cause by signing this petition. I'm not asking for money, simply your support. I just don't want other families to have to go through things like this in times of sorrow. 

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