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This is important because from 9th grade on we were told that if we worked hard we would be able to have an easy schedule our senior year, so we have worked hard and struggled to make sure this happened but now as we are going into our senior year it has changed. This is not going to help us, its is going to hurt us in the end so we need to do something about it.

Letter to
New York State High School Public Education
I just signed the following petition addressed to: New York State High School Public Education.

New York State High school Public Education
Occupy: freedom to choose
Dear members of the New York state public education
My voice is one of thousands upon thousands, who here by on this day will take a stand against the decision to increase our school day during our senior year. We feel we have fulfilled our freshmen sophomore and junior year obligations and have earned the right to seek employment, tend to our families and prepare for our future, without being subjected to longer a arduous and unnecessary longer school day. As seniors we are allowed to take college courses, work longer additional hours and assist our families with financial needs.
The following signatures testify to the concerns of the petition as it is unfair and interferes with overall life of the senior student body.

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