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New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo: file warrant for arrest of employees of CPS Cortland,NY

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On February 4, 2012 Amanda Rainbow of Child Protective Services in Cortland County, NY responded to a falsified report filed by CPS employee Nicole Tellier Koekebacker. The claim was that my pit bull mix dogs had fought and trapped my child between them and that it was witnessed from my front porch. This never happened. The dog accused of allegedly attacking my child was a care pet that belonged to a friend who was married (and process of divorcing) to a friend of Nicole. My friend moved out to Hawaii and due to quarantine laws he could not take his dog. I Took the dog in to allow him to settle to into a place and get neccesary measures to import the dog to the island.
I asked for a warrant to be at my home. I was quickly informed that no warrant was given but a warrant could and would be obtained to remove my children as opposed to investigating due to the NYS Permanency Law. She came in, examined my child and found no marks. I informed her the day in question my family was not even at home all day. She then informed me a social worker would be calling and left.

On February 8, I received a call from Kristen Schad informing me that she would be investigating. I quickly filed a conflict of interest. Reason for filing such a claim was that Ms. Schad was the mother to the children of my care pet's owner. I was informed by her supervisor, Colin Cummins, that I should "shut up, sign the papers and cooperate." I absolutely refused. I then escalated the claim to Director of services Tiffanie Parker. She also informed me that it would be in my best interest to sign releases and allow the worker to do her job. Later That day Ms.Schad called again and informed me that she had several health department records stating that the dog has bitten people. I went to the health department and was given record that NO record exsisted on this claim. I then called Commissioner Kristen Monroe. I informed her of all occurances. She then stated that I was simply annoying her. For 2 weeks, I received several calls stating that I was "required to sign releases in the office".

There was no home visit. I took my kids to the doctor. They could not validate Any of the claim of injury. My contacts were never called. The releases never signed.
I soon received my papers from Albany. I was absolutely appalled by what I was reading. My children and I were listed as Other-asian. Code xx-as. My husband was not on the report. My son was listed one year younger, my daughter 3 years younger and myself 5 years younger.

On February 27 My husband received a letter from Ms.Schad. She was scheduling a meeting with only him not with me on March 2 in her offices. I had never laid eyes on the worker until this day.

She stated that she had gone to my daughter's school. She claimed my daughter was very afraid of me and that my child claimed to have been bitten by the same dog. None of which was true. My kids and I are very close. My children have never been afraid of me and have never been bitten by any dog in their lives. I was then indicated for inadequate guardianship for failure to protect and informed to get rid of my dogs or they would take my children. She then continued to inform me that Amanda Rainbow had conducted a search of my property (again without a warrant or informing me) going down my long driveway, through my gated yard and into my closed garage. What this had to do with an alleged incident in my home is beyond my understanding.

Nicole had never been to my home during my residency while renting it from her friend's estranged husband. She had no right to file such complaints.
On August 14 I attended a fair hearing. I paid a very expensive lawyer. We were in the room for 5 minutes. A Senior caseworker, Andrea Sears, came into the room with a letter in hand. She informed me that the department would not be attending the meeting, they would present no evidence, and requested overturn to unfounded and sealed. It was far from easing my feelings.

I soon Received papers from the Albany showing all the evidence in the case. All the papers included were papers submitted by me showing no proof to the allegations. Nothing from the department. My children went from being "unknown" names to named with correct birth dates for us. My husband was listed as having "no role" aside from being "bio father"..... and what's worse, we were now listed as white. (Code wh)

I am half Korean. My children appear not to be Asian. They are light haired, light skinned. We were Asian when they hadn't seen my kids..... once they had, we were white. I felt discriminated against for being born to a Korean mother.
They ignored the ethical standards of conflict of interest, performing outside of educational and professional boundaries, understanding cultural and social diversity.
The Permanency Law was misused to gain access To my children, instilling fear of losing them if i insisted on a warrant.

On March 17 I was publicly harassed by ms. Schad's daughter Kayleigh Hodgson.
She continued to lie. She did however confirm confidentiality was violated. And all that I had said from the beginning was true.... among other things.
I would like to see charges filed against all involved. Nicole's husband began threatening my husband at their work place. I still receive threatening calls for speaking out. The department sent the police to me for speaking out. I was told I would be best suited to close my mouth or they would then file charges against me. For what? For outing the misconduct.
My 1st amement had been locked down.
My 4th was ripped from me when they performed the illegal search of the property.
I was racially discriminated against for being among a .06% population of Asians.
Breed discrimination is illegal in NYS.
I was harassed by the department. Pure and simple. We were bullied by a department of the county/state.
Please help me seek justice.
A mandated reporter is only immune to prosecution if a report is filed with truth and facts.... it is in bad faith and illegal when none were included in a report or could they be included... lie after lie was entered. This is not right. No one should ever have to go through this. No one.

All should face criminal charges for what they have done. It was all a severe abuse of power. 

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