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Let The Money Follow the Student to Any School They Choose

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By letting the money follow the students to their choice of school be it: magnet, charter, private, public, alternative, BOCES, Catholic, Jewish, or other, schools will have to compete against each other which means all schools, staff, students, and parents will need to be responsible, up to date, and on a continual open communication basis. Many students and their parents want to go to better schools, but due to financial circumstance are stuck going to schools where they are bullied and/or the schools have low ratings due to lack of parent involvement, fighting, high teacher turnover rates, lack of supplies, and more. Many Catholic, Jewish, and private institutions are being closed down, such as Holy Angels in Buffalo, NY because the enrollment is too low because many parents can't afford private school when all students deserve the quality education that a private school can give. There are Catholic schools where 98% of the students in WNY graduate high school with a high school diploma on a fraction of the money used in our failing public schools. Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls graduate less than 50% of city students with a high school diploma and only 25% of African American males in Buffalo graduate with a high school diploma. By having the money follow the student, the NYS Department of Education will be responsible to students and parents by reporting on how the money is spent on student, by actually cracking down on bullying because if it isn't stopped parents can just place their child or teenager in another school, and by actually spending the money on the student and not superfluous needs.

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