Enough is Enough: We Need to Deliver Justice to Survivors on NY College Campuses

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The Bipartisan Feminist Project's Political Action Committee has been working with New York legislators over the past few months to amend the Enough is Enough Act. The Enough is Enough Act was passed in 2015 to set standards for appropriate responses to campus sexual assault, but has recently failed to hold colleges in compliance with its standards and minimize survivor trauma. 

Our efforts have been well-received by legislators, who largely agree that it is time to reform Enough is Enough’s implementation. The final step to making these changes a reality is demonstrating the support behind them.

We need your help to ensure that the Enough is Enough Act is amended to ensure that sexual assault survivors on college campuses get the justice they deserve. 

The Enough is Enough Act currently allows misinformed students judges to preside over cases, fails to prohibit preferential treatment of athlete abusers, and does not ensure case confidentiality. The Brooklyn Law Journal uses the case of Anna, a rape survivor and college freshman, to highlight how survivors can be cross-examined and subject to public scrutiny under Enough is Enough, thus creating an unfair trial.

Furthermore, the State Education Department (SED) is far behind in collection of Act violation data due to a lack of funding. As a result, less than 50% of colleges are in full compliance with Enough is Enough standards. Delayed data is delayed justice. We can not reap the full benefits of Enough is Enough until the SED can prioritize data collection and enforcement.

We need to re-evaluate adjudication standards to ensure survivors are consistently delivered justice and increase funding to the State Education Department to bring colleges into compliance with Enough is Enough standards. 

With your help, we can amend the Enough is Enough Act to protect past, current, and future sexual assault survivors.