Pass NY A6168! - For Voting Transit Riders on the Transit Authority Boards

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Public transportation is a vital resource that intersects with many social justice issues including housing, racial justice, food access, immigration, climate and environmental, economic justice, and healthcare. Reliable and accessible transit connect s communities -regardless of race, income level, or physical ability- to necessary jobs, education, and activities. It brings opportunities to people often left behind.

Currently the transportation systems throughout our state, run by New York state public-benefit corporations, are not fully meeting those needs for the people who rely on it. Too many people who rely on the bus must make do with a system that leaves them waiting for a late bus or a bus that doesn’t show up at all. We must rely on a system that doesn’t have a route to take them to where they need to go or a bus that runs on limited hours restricting their movement, especially in the evenings and on weekends, which creates situations that compromise rider’s safety and well-being.

We believe that the people closest to the problem, not corporations, are the ones who have the solutions. Riders have the firsthand experience in the system that gives them a unique perspective in the ways in which the problems listed above could be addressed. That experience should be valued and recognized by our regional transportation authorities as a vital knowledge resource, especially when making decisions for how the transit system functions.

This year, the NY Senate passed bill s3656, that would require transportation authorities like the NFTA to include two transit dependent individuals on the board, each with a vote. We ask you to join us in urging the NY Assembly to pass the same as bill a6168, and for Governor Cuomo to allow it to become law.  

By signing here, I am declaring that I believe in the need for voting riders on our regional transit boards!