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For Youtube to take down Media Channel CUT video about "Parents Explaining Masturbation"

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Join Long Island Citizens for Community Values as we petition to have Media News Company CUT take down their recent video entitled "Parents Explain Masturbation" on their youtube channel. 

On their youtube channel CUT recently released a video entitled "Parents Explain Masturbation" under their "Parents Explain" topic segment.

Within the first 10 seconds of the video a father is shown talking to his son about "playing with yourself, jerking off and choking the chicken". This is being filmed with sexual toys laid across a table in front of the son and father. 

CUT has built a reputation off exploiting societal boundaries and community issues. This is primarily done by the use of videos or studio filmed theatrics many of which have received tremendous positive feedback. 

However at some point one has to ask how far is to far. With children accessing the Internet more readily and accessible through their mobile phones they are more at risk to being exposed to indecent and obscene material. As you watch the video you will realize that the majority of the children are between the ages of 5-8 years old. 

We must have conversations about these topics to better educate our children but now more then ever is the time to talk about when and why we need to have these conversations. CUT's video makes a platform of discussion for when parents should communicate with their kids about sex and masturbation. 

The problem here is the solution CUT delivers is children being educated about masturbation rather then explaining why looking at indecent and obscene material is dangerous. Placing a Dildo and lotion on the table while explaining the stroking motion of masturbation to a 7 year boy does nothing but give him permission to  continue to view pornography. 

We know 70% of children ages 8-16  are accidentally accessing pornography for their first time while doing homework on their mobile devices, tablets and computers. Considering these facts parents will have to start having the conversation about sex and masturbation at a much easier age. 

The solution is not to make minors comfortable with watching pornography and then masturbating but rather educating minors about how and why watching porn can hurt themselves and future relationships. 

Oddly enough Youtube has a "Age-restriction" warning before you can view the video. If youtube feels the video may be harmful to minors to watch then how can we as CITIZENS think filming children having this conversation is not harmful to them. 

That is why we at Long Island Citizens for Community Values feel this video needs to be taken down immediately! 

My name is Daniel Lloyd and I am the Director of Development for LICCV.

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