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Allow unemployed parents with sick children to receive some sort of temporary income!

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When my daughter was 9 years old, she was diagnosed with an extreme case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Since last year, after enduring a full year of worsening symptoms and lack of proper treatment, her OCD is back to an extreme state again, where she is no longer to touch or do anything for herself. She is 18 years old and after numerous medications, she has been declared to have a treatment resistant case of OCD. Along with her OCD, she also suffers from Anorexia and is severely underweight. She is unable to get better from her eating disorder because of the fact that her OCD prevents her from touching food, things or people that have touched food... So basically she cannot touch anything unless it is her own. As for how she eats, she can only touch foods that she feels "safe" touching and that correspond with her dietary guidelines.

Due to the worsening of her symptoms and her inability to be home by herself and do things on her own, she relies solely on me (her mother), or other family members that are home in the house to open things/help her do things. She spends a majority of her day performing her compulsions and rituals, most of which involve washing her hands or other things. Because of her severity, I had to quit my job about a year ago, which is deeply hurting our already low income household's financial situation. Her compulsions, the food that she buys, doctor visits, along with her medication and the suggestion by her Drs to seek other treatment options are very costly. We are struggling financially and we can't even get her the proper help she needs because we cannot afford it. My daughter was supposed to start college on a wonderful academic scholarship this fall, but she is too sick to go. She wants to be independent and start college as soon as she is better. She just started a higher dose of one of the final meds that we have been trying for her over the past year and a half, but we have yet to see results. If her OCD does not improve from this medication, we are likely to begin with other alternative therapies and procedures such as ECT and TMS therapy that we have been informed  about by her doctor. However, these procedures are very expensive and our insurance will likely not cover it at all, or only a small fraction of the cost, which we cannot afford as a family of 5, on one already low income from my husband. 

For the next couple months, while we are waiting for my daughter to improve and get the proper treatment, I was hoping that as her mother and caretaker, I could receiver some sort of temporary unemployment or disability income. I have already contacted places around where I live in Buffalo, NY to inquire about such policies, but have not had any luck.. I am hoping to find a solution to my daughters illnesses first and foremost, which requires me being able to take care of her and our family to be able to provide for her treatments financially.

I am asking if New York State, New York State insurance companies, or any other companies could help families with low incomes and sick children. I feel there should be solutions to these types of situations in EVERY state. Please allow my family to be able to provide the best treatment for my daughter and provide some sort of income for me while I am out of work caring for her!! Thank you so much. God bless you all and take care :) 

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