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Kathleen Rice: Send in your letter of resignation

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U.S. Representative Kathleen Rice of New York's 4th Congressional District must immediately resign. If not by her own volition, then her constituents and superiors must demand her letter of resignation. 

Ms. Rice recently tweeted an appalling and disturbingly malicious comment directed at the NRA, its members and supporters and to Ms. Dana Loesch. Ms. Loesch is a conservative author, commentator and radio show host most widely known for her ardent support of the 2nd Amendment. Representative Rice, in a Twitter post accused Ms. Loesch and others of being domestic security threats. In her exact words:

"I'm just going to say it. #NRA & @DLoesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can't ignore that"

These comments are irresponsible of an elected official, bound by oath and duty to protect and uphold the Constitutional rights of their citizens. Does Ms. Rice honestly hold the millions of American gun owners with such contempt she finds them comparable to a domestic threat? Does Ms. Rice believe that the NRA, which constantly advocates for legal defensive gun use, is in essence a terrorist organization? Is Representative Rice aware of the definition and proper use of the phrase domestic security? Many residents of her own district are no doubt 2nd Amendment supporters and NRA members. Are they a potential security risk?

This isn't about gun control or gun rights. This is about yet another elitist politician viewing their subjects with incredible disdain. I have absolutely no confidence in Representative Kathleen Rice to faithfully perform her duties with dignity and respect. She must be removed from her office. 

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