New York Rabbit Breeders United against Pet Classification of Rabbits

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What we want: Rabbits should be removed from S1403. They are adding rabbits to a law written for dogs without taking into account species difference. They are classifying rabbits as pets. Rabbits should be classified as a multi-purpose pet ( for model legislation on rabbit classification) in order to protect their use as meat, show, and pet without impacting breeders who live on residential zoned property.

S1403 would add rabbits to the dog outdoor shelter law without adjusting the law to take into account the difference between the species as well as the fact that many utilize rabbits as show stock and/or meat. The law would unfairly create problems for rabbit breeders who house their rabbits outside or in unheated buildings. The bill would also classify rabbits as pets which would cause problems for those who breed rabbits for meat or as show animals. They should be classified as multi-purpose.  Also terms such as “reasonable veterinary care” is not clearly defined and opens breeders to harassment by animal control
We, the undersigned, are rabbit breeders who urge our legislators to act now to remove rabbits from S1403 because our species is not treated in a fair or logical manner in this bill. Rabbits cannot be classified solely as pets or companion animals or made to adhere to pet dog standards.