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On February 21, 2013 I was admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital- Westchester Division for help with Depression. Instead of recieving help I was faced with a doctor who was cold, emotionless and controlling. My knowledge and education intimidated her and I was punished. I was brought to court and forcibly medicated because of the ruthless lies she told both in person on the stand and in documentation. Although my attorney had caught her in countless lies the judge still sent me back and gave Dr. Xiaoelei Y. Baran M.D. Psychiatrist the power to forcibly medicate me.

I have recieved my chart from the hospital and I can affirm that Dr. Xiaoelei Baran purjured herself and the documents are there to back it up.

As a future Social Worker it's not only about me but about countless other patients both past and future that she has done this to and could do this to. We as human beings can't allow someone who has been given the privledge to take care of others to abuse it as she has. Please join me and sign this petition so that another patient doesn't get hurt by Dr. Baran. More info can be found on my youtube video

Letter to
Chief Executive Officer, Steven J Corwin New York Presbyterian Hospital- Westchester Division
New York State Department of Health The Board for Professional Medical Conduct
Governor Andrew Cuomo
and 3 others
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
New York Governor
This letter is in regards to an admission that I had at New York Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Division in February 2013. Carolyn Reinach Wolf represented me when I was a patient at NY Presbyterian Hospital located in White Plains N.Y.. I hired Mrs. Wolf because my doctor, Dr. Barran wanted to take me to court for E.C.T. and Medication. I contested such treatment because I did not believe I needed such treatment. My doctor had written up fraudulent documentation in order to obtain medication treatment. I have a diagnosis of Major depressive disorder and Dr. Barran wrote up fraudulent documentation to support a diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder. When it came time for the court date Mrs. Wolf was unable to attend but her associate Eric was there and he discredited Dr. Barran on the stand in front of Judge Emmett Murphy. For example, Dr. Barran stated , “ I was on maximum observation and while on maximum observation twice I tried to strangle myself with two staff with me. My lawyer asked Dr. Barran how does one strangle herself with two staff with her. Another example is the diagnosis given as of the petition March 5, 2013 was Bipolar disorder and on the court date March 7, 2013 Dr. Barran stated my diagnosis was Schizoaffective disorder. Again my lawyer stated what in two days did I do for her to change my diagnosis so drastically. Even after my lawyer cross examined me and I answered his questions articulately and the doctor was caught in lies, Judge Murphy still allowed Dr. Barran to medicate me against my will.
The abuse I was subjected to and my name being tarnished is still to unreal to believe. I am studying to be a mental health professional in one of the top schools and because I was remanded by the courts it will forever follow me through my life.
The abuse of power in the system needs to be uncovered and what the doctors and the judicial system is getting away with is far to real to ever imagine. Yes I suffer from a mental illness but that does not give anyone the right to violate me in any way.
I am asking that Dr. Baran be not only investigated for medical misconduct, perjury, fraud, but have her medical license taken away from her so she can never again harm another patient.