Pardon Jorge Pena for Defending His Honour & Dignity

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On the 8th of November 2014; Jorge Pena, who was travelling on the F Line of the New York subway was verbally assaulted by a trio led by Danay Howard. 

Jorge showed extreme restraint until Danay hit him across the head with her shoe. A fustrated Jorge then slapped her across her face to deter further attacks.

Following this, an unidentified male accomplice of Danay began further assaulting Jorge, and Jorge rightfully began defending himself. The altercation was brought to a stop by a good samaritan who split them up. It should be noted that Jorge walked away the moment the good samaritan intervened and that he never laid his hands on Danay after the initial slap.

To add insult to injury, Danay and her accomplices further kept provoking Jorge until the video cuts.

We the people, demand that Jorge Pena be pardoned for his actions and all charges against him be dropped. Jorge showed remarkable restraint and he rightfully began defending himself only after he was physcially assaulted. Jorge is a model citizen and his actions should be applauded for inspiring people to stand their ground to protect their dignity and honour when confronted with abuse.

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