Remove Protein World's "Beach Body Ready" ads!

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I have to take the subway to work, so every day I have this ad staring at me, asking me if I am “beach body ready.” I notice little girls studying the ad’s unrealistic, photoshopped figure with protruding ribs and a “perfect” chest, and I think: "What message is this putting into their heads?" The Protein World ads have been removed from London (with help from this petition). Now, Protein World has crossed the pond to subject New Yorkers to the same sexist and fat-shaming messaging that the British wouldn’t stand for.

These ads send the message that our bodies are not acceptable unless they are "perfect." I know there are ads like this everywhere, and I wish that wasn’t the case. But Protein World’s ads are much more damaging than most -- while other brands might use a model to sell their clothes, their messaging doesn’t blatantly tell you that you are inadequate just for being you. According to Protein World, if I don’t look like the woman in the ad, I shouldn’t even bother to hit the beach this summer. Well, I reject that and I think most Americans do too.

Dear Protein World,

My body is a miracle. It is strong and healthy. I have a tummy and varicose veins on my legs, and my thighs touch. But you know what? I also have a huge smile on my face, because I am healthy and happy. Our bodies are always “beach body ready!”

Please join me in asking Protein World to remove these hurtful ads. This is the summer that embraced love and rejected hate. Ask Protein World to do the same. Find another way to promote your product that encourages true health and wellness!

We need a change in our advertising, and you can be a part of the change!

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