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They let a murderer to be NOT GUILTY on the insanity plea

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Lauren Belius, a 6 year old little girl from Sherrill, NY (just down the road from where my family and I used to live) was murdered last summer. Her murderer was found NOT GUILTY by reason of mental defect. Her Mom, Allison Danough is sharing her status today, so please read this and share with everyone you know........
-Ok. I know a lot of people out there have been asking what they can do to help. Well, this is it. I want Lauren's story and the fact that our justice system let her... down to go beyond our community. ...I want the country to know, the laws in NY need to be changed to protect our children, and since NY's lawmakers have been hearing this for decades, but still do nothing, I think its time we turn up the heat on them. The victim deserves the right to a jury trial. The victim deserves to have all evidence heard at her trial. Not guilty by reason of mental defect needs to be changed to guilty by reason of mental defect, just in case the criminal makes a miraculous recovery, he will still have to serve the full sentence for the crime he commited. Children deserve to be considered important enough to warrant a charge FIRST degree murder. So I am asking all my friends to start writing letters, sending emails and using whatever other contacts you have to flood the national networks. I want her story heard on an intelligent, respectable, fact based media. Im thinking dateline, sixty minutes...nothing trashy. My goal is not to exploit my daughter, but get her the justice she deserves, make sure everyone knows who David Trebilcock really is, and protect other innocent children and their families from living through the hell we have been sentenced to. Thank you all for your support. Im not going to let my little girl be forgotten. PLEASE REPOST!

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