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NBA Two Minute Report Consequence Official Fines

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The NBA, much to its own credit and to the dismay of its fans, has been releasing a "Two Minute Report" that details the last two minutes of every game played. This has been in effort to show transparency amongst its officials and the calls made or supposed to be made in that timeframe. For more information, the full assessment of the "Last Two Minute Report" is located here:

Though the NBA has made its attempt to publicly check themselves -- more so than any other professional sports leagues -- it has been a campaign that has fans and pundits both befuddled asking, "Why?" or "For What?". There, at least publicly, has been no action taken up by the league to ensure that what the NBA states as, " which were within five points at the two-minute mark.", are called as correctly as possible. Some on-court infractions have been missed by human physiology and the inability to see behind one's own head but some have also been seemingly obvious. This is not to say that the NBA's officials are purposely missing calls or improperly trained but it is to say that perhaps, the NBA's officials may not be using their training optimally in the most crucial time of the game. When this happens, the "2-Minute Report", even though necessary, seems for naught. 

Through talking with some other fans, Knick fans and NBA fans alike, I have decided to start a petition on our behalf. This petition is to see the NBA start to take action against the officiating crew for that game. Three things we'd like to see done: warnings, fines, and if necessary, suspensions. This would almost ensure that every call that should be made will almost certainly be made in times where games are made.

  • No more than two game warnings placed on officiating crew of that specific game. The warning carries over with the officials of that game in which the infraction was made to each subsequent game that they work. If the officiating crew receives a warning that night and there is one who has received a previous warning from another game, will be added on to any warnings that any officials may already have. 
  • More than two game warnings should be followed by a fine for the next three games. I am not one to "count the pockets of others", so I have no amount disclosed or thought of. I feel that the amount would be best discussed between the NBA and Official's Union. The fine, however, should rise with each infraction given after the warnings have stopped.
  • If all warnings have been given and fines handed out, an official should be suspended for one game for subsequent infractions.

These disciplinary actions uphold the accountability of all on-court personnel and the integrity of "winning time" or the last two minutes of a five-point-or-less-game.

As patrons and fans of world-class played basketball, we are charged with a certain accountability just as the on-court personnel, players AND officials included. The NBA has been leaders in new technologies and social revolutions, well for once we're asking just for something a bit different and less complex; sport revolution. Thank you.


Cal Johnson, Knicks Fans, and Every NBA fan. 



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