Get the Islanders to play their playoff games at the Nassau Coliseum

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John Lyons
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I'm a diehard New York Islanders fan and co-owner of the Battle of New York website. The Battle of New York, Benji Vogel, and myself believe that the Islanders should play all of their potential playoff games at the Nassau Coliseum instead of in Brooklyn. Currently, the New York Islanders stand at 23-13-4, good enough for the team to be deeply rooted in the playoff race. There is a good likelihood that the Islanders will have the opportunity to compete for the Stanley Cup in the NHL Playoffs. As diehard New York Islander fans, we feel as if their potential playoff games should be held at the Nassau Coliseum and not the Barclays Center. The Nassau Coliseum is the true home of the Islanders organization and their fans. If the Islanders were to play all their playoff games at the Nassau Coliseum, there would be a home-ice advantage unmatched by the rest of the NHL. If the Islanders make the playoffs, they must play all of their games at the Nassau Coliseum!